The North Park Community Association (NPCA) was formed in 1984 as a forum for the discussion and resolution of issues that concerned our community.

The first officers of NPCA included Mary Ann Moore as Acting President and Alan Smith as Secretary Treasurer. The initial Board of Directors included John Hartley, Kathy Nadler, Carol Landsman, Ann Nussbaum, and Ann and Mike Hix. Our first newsletter was published in 1984 with Carol Landsman as editor.

The first major initiative of NPCA was land use planning, with a focus on preserving the single-family home personality of the community.  In our first year, NPCA created a land use committee to convey additional community input – primarily by younger home buyers moving into the area – to the city.

Later that year, NPCA sponsored a “North Park Cleanup” co-sponsored by I Love A Clean San Diego.

NPCA also sponsored:

  • “Dumpster Days” to help clean up the neighborhoods
  • The resumption of the North Park Toyland Parade in 1985 after it had been dormant for 20 years (co-sponsored with the North Park Business Association)
  • Many community forums enabling North Park residents to meet with elected officials.

In 1988, the NPCA played a key role in bringing the North Park sign back to University Ave.. This helped accelerate a rebirth of the neighborhood into to the rich and diverse community that it is today.